Women in Construction Awards


Women in Construction Awards

Last year’s Women in Construction Awards took place on 22nd September and it was certainly a night to remember! Seeing all of the nominees, award winners and supporters of women in construction paving a way to a more inclusive future in the construction industry was truly special. The 9 categories celebrated at WIC Awards 2023 included:

– On the Tools
– Male Ally
– Industry Pioneer
– Business Owner
– Inclusive Company
– Rising Star
– Lifetime Achievement
– Contribution to Project
– Influencer

And a special Ones to Watch list for those whose stories, experiences and contributions to construction inspired others, despite them not quite managing to win a category award.

The long overdue Women in Construction Awards 2023, sponsored by Hercules Sites Services PLC, took place on 22nd September 2023 at Grand De Vere Connaught Rooms, London. The awards event followed last year’s first of its kind, industry leading success story with even more amazing and influential people from the construction industry.

Currently women make up 14-15% of the construction industry and 2-3% of site labour. Design and Build UK have been championing women since it was founded in 2010 and so we dedicated a night solely for them, their companies and the people who support them.

The skills gap shortage is something that everybody should now be aware of and there is a need to introduce more women into construction, in particular raising awareness for the potential of the construction industry in this regard. The money raised from the Women in Construction Awards will once again be donated to the Maggie Oliver Foundation, a charity supporting women and girls who have suffered sexual and domestic abuse. The money will be used to introduce these women, when the time is right, to the construction industry through a City and Guilds course built together with Design and Build UK and one of the event sponsors, Cube Lighting & Design. This is a truly worthwhile cause and event, and with the Women in Construction Awards 2024 already set for Q3 next year we encourage the industry to get behind, and be a part of, it – not only this year and next year, but following years as well.